Sunday, January 5, 2014

so far

A few things...

I am totally on track for cooking only ONE out of the seven aforementioned planned meals.  What to do with the cauliflower that is going to probably go bad in a few days?? Make it into baby food and give it to poor Luke? Can babies eat cauliflower?? Dunno....

My two big boys missed a day of school last week not because they were sick, but because I FORGOT  that they had school.  What is the matter with me?!!!!!  ACK!!!!!!!

Thinking back, I guess it's okay that they missed school because one of the poor kids has two ear infections...which I tried to remedy using a homemade concoction of garlic infused coconut oil (Alli I see you rolling your eyes this exact second!!) and it definitely did NOT work.  I feel like a terrible mom because his ears are still causing him some wretched pain.  After the poor guy continued to complain about pain (even though I had dropped garlic coconut oil down his ears for days on end, multiple times a day), I caved and he's on day three of antibiotics.  I know, I know, lesson learned.  My inner leanings toward being a medicine free healthy meal planning hippy mom can only take me so far.  And poor Jack still smells like garlic.

Lastly, for no real reason, I started to drink a TON of lemon water.  Maybe it is because I got fed up with being dehydrated and concluded it's because regular water has lost its luster.  So I started to squeeze lemon juice into a pitcher of water and have been guzzling it.  I haven't taken the time to look up the benefits of lemon water online but all I can say is that from experience, it is amazzzzing! I have been way less hungry, it cleared up a couple of zits I was starting to get, and I haven't needed any afternoon caffeine since I started to drink it.  I would guess its all related because the lemon water is the only new thing I have done with my routine for a while now....

So that's what I've learned so far this year: I need to keep a calendar, and look at it every day.  I should stop trying to subject my innocent children to crazy hippy oil infused healing techniques and I should keep drinking the lemon water (and of course not force it on my children) :)

Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Happy New Year!

Hi again and Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!  I think that the new coffee the hubs bought me (Mayorga) must have more caffeine than the usual Starbucks because A) here I sit with a meal plan made for this next week and B) I am actually typing a blog post.

Honestly I have been SO BAD at planning and cooking dinners for a very looooong stretch and that needs to stop.  Right Now.  So, I am going to try and post them here...for organizations sake and maybe the exercise will be helpful to you, reading this blog...(if you like healthy food)...

Tonight: traditional Hungarian new years dinner
Thursday: Balsamic Pot Roast with red potatoes and side salad
Friday: Cauliflower Cheese Sticks and organic hot dogs (no bun)
Saturday: Mahi Mahi Nuggets, sweet potato fries and side salad
Sunday: dinner at parents (no cooking necessary)!!
Monday: Breakfast for dinner (oatmeal/almond pancakes with bacon and fruit)
Tuesday: Salmon Burgers (gluten free buns if I can find) and quina salad with craisins
Wednesday: Crockpot Honey Chicken with brown rice and green beans

Prediction: I will in reality make one out of six of these and the rest of the nights we will eat breakfast and turkey sandwiches and maceroni and cheese...but maybe just maybe I will prove myself wrong in this new year!!

Thursday, July 18, 2013

Blog update

It's about time I update this blog of you can guess I have zero free time these days, but because I know family has thoroughly enjoyed updates on the kids, I am going to take the blog private and post pictures and family updates.  If you want to get access, I think you can just request it and I'll add you.  If I ever regain brain cells and post anything other than kid related stuff, I'll consider re-opening it but for now this is the plan.  Wish me some sleep :)

Thursday, March 7, 2013

winter recap

So spring is almost here, right? Our snowstorm yesterday was a great finale to a wonderful winter as you will see below.  Here's a peek of how I got through a cold winter with my one, two and three year old:

the moon bounce in our basement. here's a pic of it on its way down. i think chase is under that sombrero somewhere.  best money i've spent in my LIFE!

trips to dulles town center to ride the choo choo, grab balloons from nordstrom and of course, eat chick-fil-a.

don't break the ice! 

bath time probably every night to kill more indoor time... of course tilly here is trying to get out, as usual....wonder why???!!!!

YO GABBA GABBA.  I think I've memorized every song to every single episode. And yes those are socks on his hands, standard uniform around here.  as are the disappearing pants, neon headbands and mismatched socks.

Hockey in the driveway.  Lili, not walking yet.

Tennis in the garage.  Lili, not walking yet.

Baking soda/vinegar/food coloring fizz painting!!  THE BEST (and only) craft I've ever done with the boys.  

Homemade yo gabba gabba band.  Tilly on the mic, chase on the guitar and jack conducting of course.

HIGHLIGHTS!!!!  It's been 6 years since I've put some legit highlights and it is good to feel blonde again!  Definitely a major bright spot of my winter.

Read three books at one time, no prob!

Yo Gabba Gabba.  And puzzles.  What would our life here be without puzzles? Well I'd be able to see my floor and tabletops again. 

And more time in where else but our BASEMENT!!  Couldn't have done winter without that magical place.  

Don't know.  But of course tilly is still on all fours.

Chapped lips and waiting for the doctor so we can hear baby brother's heartbeat.

palm beach beauty with my man...

Jack learning his letters thanks to who else?? Professor i-pad!!!

After dinner dance parties in their underwear of course

And finally some REAL winter fun at Grandude and Nina's farm!!!  

Love my little rugrats and even though I am NOT a fan of cold weather, we had tons of fun this winter rompling around in our jibbies (pajamas) doing ridiculous things and taking some funny pics.

Thursday, February 28, 2013

all warmed up....

All warmed up, just in the nick of time.  With the kids all sick for two weeks, going on three weeks and winter in full effect, Edward and I managed to escape to florida at the perfect moment.  We planned a four day trip to southeast florida and before leaving the children, I can say that my heart was fully prepped to say goodbye for a few days and to miss them only a little bit ;)  We had wonderful weather and a perfect time of sleeping, , lounging, walks on the beach and even a little window shopping.  My bones are warmed up enough to pull me through the remainder or winter, so thank you to those who made our trip possible!!!!  I've decided my next home decor purchase is going to be a huge potted palm tree; I need one in my life on a daily basis.

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

"candy" for the kids

Nope, not valentines day candy.  I've fooled my kids into thinking that candy is their daily regimen of vitamins.  I am no health or nutrition expert but my brother has spent a lot of time researching supplements and holistic health, so I take his recommendations when it comes to what vitamins and supplements to give the kids.

I started my kids on their daily "candy" regimen about 1 year ago and this winter has convinced me that  their "candy" is working!!  This winter my toddlers have had lots of play dates, been dropped off at the gym's kids club and church nursery quite often, and sometimes even played on the nasty mall playground and they have not had a cold since September.  Of course last week, a few days after I run out of their vitamins and am waiting for the next shipment to arrive, they all come down with a cold.  Maybe the two events are connected, maybe they are not, but my husband and I both agree, let's make sure we don't run out of candy again.

Here's what I give them and I order them from Vitacost, which is the least expensive website I've found.

They have their probiotics before one or two meals every day. Probiotics fixed what I thought was their "gluten sensitivity" or toddler IBS.  Probiotics give your gut a great dose of good bacteria which helps with digestion, fights against yeast production and therefore prevents bad bacteria growth and illness.

Here's where they get a great deal of "DHA," which promotes brain growth (important for little ones for obvious reasons)... from these fruity chewy balls of cod liver oil.  They also give the kids naturally occurring vitamins A & D, which helps boost their immune systems. 

This is their multivitamin "candy," they eat them after lunch.  I've tried them and they are delicious!

This past flu season, in addition to the vitamin c they receive from their multivitamin, I've given them these vitamin c animal candies after dinner and they love them.

If you're inspired to order some supplements from from vitacost, let me know because every time you refer someone, both people get $10 off their order.

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Tuesday, February 12, 2013

to my gurlz

Feel so blessed to have such wonderful friends.  God is good to give me just what I need and beyond.  Thank you, gurrrllls, for doing all of the above and forcing me to take a moment and realize I've got my fourth little gift from God in my belly.  I got really excited to meet my little future dirt hauler and booger picker today and I owe that to you all.  Now that I am about to have a pregnancy hormone amplified teary moment I better stop writing but I just feel so blessed to have all of you friends and kiddos en mi vida.  Even though life on this earth is not perfect, it sure is great when you're given exactly what you need.